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Trust Me is a feature-length documentary exploring human nature, information technology, and the need for media literacy to help people trust one another, bring them together and create a more resilient population.

Trust Me shows how an avalanche of negative news and misinformation is making us all terrified of the world. This has led to mistrust of others, which further leads to racism, polarization, mental health disorders and even crime.

Sensational media take advantage of our survival instincts to earn more clicks and ad revenue with scary and shocking headlines – many of which aren’t even true – and we’re enabling them each time we share. When our fear goes up, our trust comes down. When people don’t trust each other, they don’t help each other and progress stalls. We become farther apart.

Trust Me covers emotional stories, interwoven with science and expert interviews to show us where the world really stands and the right way to consume and share media.